Renting Grenke

The perfect solution to prevent furniture becoming
a second option in your project.

Wishing to offer the best solutions for all projects, Vector Mais has recently concluded an agreement with Grenke Renting SA, a German financial group founded in 1978. Offering the ideal tool to prevent furniture becoming a second option in your project, Grenke's renting gives companies the opportunity to make the investments in equipment they need, without initial entry, and without their liquidity being shaken. All rents are fixed, easy to plan, and are 100% deductible in the operating costs of your company, which allows you to channel your liquidity to other investments.

We leave here some examples of investment and respective monthly payments to better understand the advantages of Grenke's renting:

Monthly rent: €3960*
in 60 months

Monthly rent: €1170*
in 24 months

Monthly rent: €2970*
in 60 months

Monthly rent: €702*
in 24 months

Monthly rent: €1980*
in 60 months

Monthly rent: €468*
in 24 months

Monthly rent: €990*
in 60 months

Monthly rent: €239*
in 24 months

And examples of individual pieces of furniture:


ID Mesh - €15*/month
A top of the range Vitra chair that offers all the comfort and ergonomics for many years.


Suita Sofa - €91*/month
Comfortable and with a timeless design, Suita by Vitra is ideal for any reception.

Drone _grenke_r.jpg

Drone Table - €34*/month
With a wooden top and an elegant base, the Forma5 table is ideal for all meetings.


M10 Bench - €18*/month
A double work station by Forma5 with fabric divider and prepared for electrification.


Lounge Chair - €150*/mth.
A classic by Charles & Ray Eames for Vitra, perfect for the home or office.


Physix Chair - €14*/month
Designed by Alberto Meda for Vitra, Physix combines comfort and design.


Kelvin LED - €7*/month
Produced by Flos, Kelvin LED provides the perfect light to work at your desk.


Madison - €210*/month
Elegant and light, Madison by JMM is the management
desk of modern times.


Belleville Set - €25*/month
The Vitra table and 2 chairs set is ideal for cafeterias and informal meeting areas.


Workbays - €170*/month
Vitra's perfect solution to have a meeting in the open space with privacy.


Soft Pad - €79*/month
Designed in 1969 by the Eames, the EA219 chair by Vitra is an investment for life.


Under the Bell - €16*/ month
Very decorative and acoustic, this lamp by Muuto is great for lighting the office.

*Merely indicative values, do not exempt the confirmation of financial terms with Grenke Renting SA and the confirmation of Vector Mais in terms of finishes, functionalities and other features that may influence the price of each furniture piece. In the case of individual pieces of furniture and lighting, the figures presented are also indicative and were calculated for a total investment value of €200.000, paid in 60 months.